Trina's US trip August 2015

For some of you who have known our family for a long time, and followed the “growing up”  of our kids, I thought you might enjoy these pics from my recent 3 week trip to the States. It was wonderful of God to provide for this trip, and work out the timing of Clancy’s birth so perfectly! My total flying time was about 26 hours; but I did the trip in legs to allow for third world headaches. NOTHING ever goes exactly as scheduled. :-)  I arrived in Greenville, South Carolina Friday night, August 21st. Clancy Jay Schellenberger was born Monday morning, August 24th! This is the first child of Andrew Schellenberger and our daughter Rachel. As I do not get to be a part of many family memories, this was a very special blessing to me! I was able to spend two weeks with Rachel’s family, and then still had a week in the States to meet and visit our 2 year old granddaughter Jessie Grace in Gilbert, AZ. This is the daughter of our son Jesse and his wife, Katie. She was born after we had arrived on the field. It was a lovely visit with everyone. Our two single children, Anna and Ben were able to do a bit of traveling, so I had the opportunity to see them too! Somehow, though, most of my pictures are of the GRANDCHILDREN!