July 2017 Newsletter

Acts 15:41  And he went through Syria and Cilicia, confirming the churches.

Dear Praying Friends,

murphy maisa dinghy

On this recent term break – a two week break because of PNG National Elections – we had an opportunity to travel east to the Orokolo part of Gulf Province and visit three of our graduates!


We brought some gifts of food and household needs, like laundry soap and kerosene to each of the three families ministering among the Orokolo. Pastor Maisa met us at Harevavo village, where Pastor Murphy ministers. Both jumped on the dinghy to go over and see Pastor Ricky, who is starting the new work at Ihu Station. 



It was great to see Ricky and Linda. They have the toughest work, as they are not working among their own tribe – no family to help, and not even the same tribal language! Their faithfulness has been a real encouragement to me. We were able to bring a set of flannel graph teaching materials, some Bibles, and hymnbooks. We also brought some fuel and oil to Ricky to keep the chainsaw going that is cutting timbers for his future house on the Station property. He and Linda, are living a 40 minute walk away from the site of Ihu Baptist Church, a walk that can be extra long in the rainy season. Rick has a tarp shelter and bamboo seating set up on the land for services. Ricky and Linda seemed greatly encouraged by the visit, and enjoyed seeing their former classmates too!

 Murphy and Maisa are busy about the Lord’s work, in both ministering to people, and building. Murphy has his house complete enough to live in, and has put up a shelter next to it to meet for services. Lena is hoping to start a Ladies’ Class now that they can meet on their property, and Murphy will be adding a church choir to their ministries this month. He has a place picked out for a proper church building as they prepare and God provides! Maisa is also in a building project, as the Huruta Liberty Baptist building is ready to fall down. He smiled as he told me that it was only God’s grace holding it up. He felt that for safety, they would need to put up a temporary shelter on the new site, as they wait for a chain saw operator to be available, and for them to collect the funds to buy his services. The Huruta believers have already contributed to the work greatly, allowing the tin for the roof of the new building to be purchased and transported from Port Moresby. Pastor Maisa is doing a great job using the church youth to clean the bush from the new location – making it an outdoor game and discipleship meeting too!

It was wonderful to visit with the men, to “provoke them to love and good works’”, and it was good for the two new students that traveled with us to see graduates in action! Pray with us that God will bring much fruit from the fellowship and provision given.

 There has not been any progress on recovering the stolen fuel – although almost everything around here has been on “hold” awaiting the voting and results of the national elections. Please continue to pray. We are getting very low on petrol, used to run the generator and lawn equipment. Our cell/internet service has returned in a very sketchy way. Access to FB has been limited, especially for posting photos. But you can still write; when service randomly comes on, we enjoy hearing from you!

Presenting the Person of Christ,

Wil & Trina

The  Muldoons

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