June 2020 Newsletter

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rolling drums
 Rolling drums of fuel to the mission property!

Fuel update: Thank you so much for your prayers! The barge did arrive in Baimuru, coming from Western Province on April 16. According to the COVID protocols at the time, it was not actually supposed to make that trip! I was VERY glad to see it, but it did cause a dilemma for our local police, who basically viewed it as a chance to show the community how seriously they were taking their jobs. For several days, the barge parked out in the river, waiting for permission to unload our drums of fuel. Interestingly, the drums were obviously considered “contaminated”, but the crew was allowed to disembark as needed for fresh drinking water and other needs! I was concerned that the captain might lose patience and just head on to Port Moresby, but an agreement was reached. The barrels were unloaded, just at a location further from the mission ground. This meant more expense in paying the helpers to roll the drums to the property, but I was thrilled to see them off of the barge! I was very relieved when all ten drums were safely stored, and the returnable empties on their way to Port Moresby! Thank you again for your prayers!

Family update: During the month of May, it felt like God rearranged the world for us to be able to travel from Papua New Guinea to the States for our youngest son’s wedding! The weather was good enough that we could travel by sea towards Port Moresby, essential as nothing local was flying yet in our area. We got information of two flights that were allowed to transit through Australia without special permission, one on May 23rd and another on May 30th. We were initially shooting for the 30th, but the trip to the capitol went so smoothly that we were able to book for the 23rd!  That was a tremendous blessing, as instead of flying directly to Baltimore for the wedding, we could spend a week in Texas at the Baptist Bible Translator Institute in a house by ourselves! It gave our bodies a chance to figure out when to eat and sleep, and understand that dinner did not need to be cooked at 3 am! The staff there was so gracious and helpful. They picked us up from DFW, and returned us there 9 days later. They made a car available to us, so I could refresh my driving skills on the right side of the road. It was a terrific transition for us, after 8 years in the bush!

We left Monday, June 1st for the east coast. We were blessed to have a few days with Joe & Ann Black, wonderful friends in Fredericksburg, VA, who helped us immensely getting organized for road travel and shopping for wedding and church clothes! (That was a tricky process, since we COULDN’T TRY ANYTHING ON IN THE STORE!) They are even providing a Jeep Renegade for our use during our entire time in the States. The car is awesome, and feels like a spaceship to me with all the new technology included in its design! The gal in Google Maps, speaking through the car speakers, is my new best friend!

wedding 1
 Fathers praying for the newlyweds!

The wedding was held outdoors in Baltimore, MD. It was such a joy to meet four of the five grandkids, and give big long hugs to three of our own children! We spent a couple days before the wedding sharing a rented townhouse with them all, and seeing how we might be a help to Ben and Marie, as the rules of what would be allowed for the wedding seemed to change daily. The ceremony was done outside of Rosedale Baptist Church, with things arranged in a way that folks could watch from their vehicles if desired. It was beautiful and God-honoring! I rejoiced at the opportunity, alongside Marie’s father, to pray for this young couple beginning a new life of commitment to each other, and joint service for the Saviour.

Furlough update: Let’s just say when the wedding was over, we didn’t let any grass grow under our feet! We left the reception and drove to Warsaw, VA to prepare for a Sunday morning meeting with Victory Baptist. We had such a great time with the Browns, and the folks there! In the Sunday School hour we showed the report video and answered questions, and then I preached in the worship service. We drove to Fredericksburg that afternoon for a meeting at Temple Baptist. We had a wonderful time both in the church, and in fellowship with Pastor Reid and his wife afterward. We are so blessed to be supported by both of these dear churches. It was the perfect start to furlough! I was excited about those reached beyond the auditorium by the livestream, but, WOW, staying in one spot behind the pulpit was challenging!!

Currently, we are travelling west toward our sending church, Liberty Baptist Tabernacle, in Rapid City, SD. We have one meeting in Wisconsin on June 14th, and are really looking forward to it, as the pastor there first met me shortly after my salvation in Arizona over 40 years ago! Travelling through Pennsylvania, I had an opportunity to visit my older brother. It was good fellowship, and I was so glad to hear his clear understanding of salvation and the hope he has for the future! I also got to speak briefly, through a window, to my lost Uncle Jake. He is 91, in an assisted living facility, and the administrator showed me great favor in allowing me to visit in that way, as the whole place is closed to visitors. Jake has shown some openness to listening to a gospel preaching friend of my brother. Please pray that God will let him live through this time of isolation, and have another chance to respond to Christ!

We are excited about meeting the new pastor at Liberty, and spending the time with the church folks there! We need to get renewed driver’s licenses. I need to start the appointment and paperwork process to get reinstated in the VA medical program, particularly hoping to get new hearing aids through them. This is a major prayer request, and I would love to see God provide through this avenue. Once I have an idea of how long we will need to be in the Rapid City area, we will begin to plan a route through the US and I will be contacting supporters, letting you all know when we will be in your area! We can’t wait to see you all again and share the wonderful works that God has done, all made possible by your prayers and giving!

Presenting the Person of Christ,

Wil & Trina Muldoon

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