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Wil with Team of Mules & Wagon

Wil returned from Vietnam a bitter and disillusioned young man, seeking peace in drugs, alcohol, and a variety of religions. In 1980, while traveling through AZ with a team of mules and a wagon, Wil found true peace and forgiveness in Christ through the witness of  missionary Warren Smith on Route 66. Called to the ministry, he prepared at International Baptist College, graduating with honors in 1986. After pastoring in the US for nearly 25 years, God has called Wil and his wife Trina to bring the gospel and the written Word of God to the tribal people of Papua New Guinea.

Trina was saved in August of 1972 through the witness of some co-workers at a summer job. She soon became an active teen at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Elkhorn, WI and following the direction of her pastor, attended Maranatha Baptist Bible College upon graduating from high school. She studied Bible and Secondary Education, completing her degree in 1979. She was teaching in a Christian academy in Arizona when she met Wil, shortly after his salvation.

On August 11th Bro. Muldoon resigned his 16 year pastorate at Fellowship Baptist Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He and his wife Trina are currently students at the Baptist Bible Translator’s Institute in Bowie, TX preparing for linguistic and translation work in Papua New Guinea.

On a more personal note, Wil and Trina will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this coming June. They have four children, through God’s goodness all called into the ministry. Their two daughters, Anna and Rachel have already graduated from Pensacola Christian College. Rachel, a registered nurse, is currently serving in PNG in the medical outreach of the Allen’s ministry (thattheymayknow.com). Their oldest son Jesse will be graduating from International Baptist College next May, and their youngest child Ben is pursuing a degree in Missionary Aviation/Mechanics from Bob Jones University.