April 2019 Newsletter

Dear Praying Friends,

Obviously, it is the most fun to write about:

souls being saved,

people’s lives changing,

churches being built,

students that are growing both in ministry experience and their personal walk with Christ.

All of that is happening! But that is not all that bush missionary life is about, so I am going to share a different kind of story. We are sending this letter from Cairns, Australia. We did not plan to be over here on this term break. Our first night back from the Christmas break, Trina was awakened by a beeping sound, coming from my office. She went in there to find a smoking solar inverter! Needless to say, it was fried.  It was an expensive item that had been purchased in Australia, still under warranty.  We started discussing the value of traveling to AUS to return it on the April break. Then, later that day, I realized I had almost no hearing in my left ear! REALLY?? We just had these aids serviced in Australia, and now I will be deaf on the left side for at least 10 weeks?? And that is how it was for the first term: a tiny inverter that charged the computers and phones, and a lot of asking “What did you say?” Many times we do not have the option of a quick affordable replacement or solution.

That term brought lots of other adventures too, like a pull rope that broke on the generator, light fixtures that sent out sparks, and a chain saw that stopped going vroom vroom.


Yesterday, I brought in the inverter to be exchanged. They are ordering the one we need and it should be in before the end of this week. Today, I saw the hearing specialist, and was told that it looks to him like the problem is with my ear, not the aid! This seemed odd to me as the hearing loss seemed sudden. I have had no pain in the ear, but he said there is redness indicating infection, and the ear drum does not look healthy. So, later today, I will see our general practitioner here in Cairns. Hopefully something that just needs a few days of antibiotics!


I have a coffee cup with a message that makes me smile:

  In reality, I can only cast my cares upon Him, and remember He is always making a way of escape and provision as promised in His Word!

(1 Peter 5:7, 1 Corinthians 10:13)

 We have enjoyed starting to get things prepared for the November graduation! Having new dresses sewn for the women students, and the purchase of new school shirts and caps. We got the students’ graduation certificates printed and framed – going by faith that all will finish well! We found some great additions to the study library each one will be given upon graduation. Now I just need to find a couple of pigs to feed to everyone in celebration of the day!

Richard has continued to grow in his role of intern teacher. He just finished doing all the teaching for the book of 1 Thessalonians; he made me laugh when he mentioned he felt tired of talking after teaching two hours!

While out of the bush we are trying to gather up the paperwork we need to apply for permanent residency. It would be a blessing to have this type of visa, so please pray that we can get what we need from individuals and government agencies, and be looked upon with favor at the time the request is reviewed.

Thank you all so much for the many birthday wishes! A special thank you for the big box of king size Reese’s peanut butter cups that found its way through PNG customs!

harevavo church building 2
 Progress on the  church building in Harevavo, (Pastor Murphy, 2016 graduate)
harevavo church building 1