October Update 2

2nd October update

Praise the Lord! The day the prayer request went out, the rain stopped! We had 10 days with no rain. The ground is solid again, and even the big rain yesterday that filled the water tanks did not make things muddy! Makes me think of the children’s song “My God is so BIG …”

In our July newsletter I mentioned that Pastor Danny and Richard had begun working with the youth and were planning a trip to visit one of our graduates, a missionary of Baimuru Baptist Church! Pastor Murphy is doing a good work in Harevavo building both strong believers and a meeting place! Trina and I were greatly encouraged that the church here would take upon themselves all the planning, communication, and expenses of the trip. The church approved the use of 1000 kina (approximately $300) for the needs of the trip which included renting a large canoe and engine, buying fuel, and paying a skipper. They also purchased food so as to be a blessing, not a burden to the missionary. Feeding 14 teens takes a lot of food! They spent two nights in Harevavo village participating both in the church service and in the outreach at the market. The teens here had prepared special music and brought tracts with them to distribute. Everyone was blessed!

In closing, I wanted to give another thank you for all the birthday greetings. When we were in the city in April, I got a large batch of mail …but this was actually topped in September, when we went for supplies and found 61 more birthday cards! It was special to hear from so many of you!

Please continue to keep all the aspects of the November graduation in prayer.