December 2014 Newsletter

Growing … that is what we have seen this year, and it has been wonderful!

Growing as students of the Word …

I am excited to share that during year one, neither the students nor the teachers ran away!  Seriously though, they all finished strongly, with good marks on their final exams and all easily maintaining a grade average above 80%. Their finals included an English Evaluation; a memory exam which required them to be ready to speak and write the books of the Bible, the days of creation, and 35 verses; and a final on the Chronological Bible lessons we have completed, basically covering an Old Testament survey, the Gospels, and the Book of Acts.

Growing in teaching the Word …

This last 10 week term of the school year, each student taught a lesson from the Chronological Bible teaching they have heard this year. Wednesday afternoons, before church, we had all the student families meet as each student took his turn. For most, it was a brand new experience; especially as they had to teach in either English or Pidgin – no tribal language. Wow! They did an awesome job, and I was especially pleased with our ladies, standing up there and teaching for 30-45 minutes. They are all getting ready to be truly useful servants for the Master!

Growing in understanding God’s will …

At the start of the school year, I taught several lessons on knowing God’s will. Most of it went right over the heads of the shell-shocked students, who still were just getting used to coming on time!  At the end of the school year, while they were considering what to do during their two month break, I taught it again, and this time they were ready.  I challenged them to bring me Scripture that directed and supported their plans. Ricky, who is the youngest spiritually, was the first to come see me. He brought Scripture confirming the need to disciple his recently saved parents with the lessons of the new convert’s course he just finished, and concerning some other travel plans.  He said, “Brother Wil, is this the way you make decisions all the time?  This is wonderful! I have never done anything like this before, or even knew it could be done!”

soul winning class

Growing in sharing the gospel …

Some of you saw on Facebook the post about our last class period, when we had all the students use the Romans Road to lead one of their classmates to Christ. We wanted them all to at least be ready to deal with someone who responded to an invitation, or was obviously “ripe fruit”.


Well, Student Lena took what she learned on Monday, and led two girls to Christ on Thursday! This was a “first” for her, and I was thrilled! Pray that all of the students will have opportunities to lead someone to Christ over the Christmas break. I cannot think of anything that would be more encouraging to both them and us!

Growing in a burden for the lost …

 Pastor Danny and your new brother, Dickson!

The Saturday following the last day of regular school, I took the men on an outreach to Karurua, a neighboring village about 30 minutes away by dinghy. I was uncertain of our reception. A few of the older men in the village still think of themselves a the “owners” of our land, land which was actually purchased from them by the government years ago. The younger generation in Karurua has grown up to be one of the most lawless in our area. Drugs and homebrew that come into Baimuru Station usually come from this direction. My concerns were unfounded; we were welcomed, and spread tracts throughout the village and visited with as many folks as possible. Twice, older folks thanked us for coming and lamented, calling their youth a “lost generation”. I assured them that our reason for coming was the same as Christ’s, to seek and to save the lost! And God was busy seeking the lost that Saturday! Murphy and Ricky spent over an hour with a man that used Murphy’s tribal language, and led him to Christ! Just as we were headed back to the boat, I noticed that a man we had given a tract to right when we landed, was still sitting right there, reading the tract!  I went and spoke to him, and sensed he was ready. I thought the Baimuru language would be more useful than Pidgin, and asked Pastor Danny to visit with him … and this man became our second new brother in Christ that day! This village is close enough to become a great practice ground for our students during year two, and a place where God may raise up a church full of “former rascals”!! Please put the folks of Karurua on your prayer list.

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