December 2018 Newsletter

  Dear Praying Friends, in the past months I have not been able to share pictures of the students’ progress, projects completed, or your new brothers and sisters in Christ! As we are currently in the PNG capital, this letter is going to be full!

 Year two students do a lot of demonstration outside of the classroom of the skills they are acquiring.

Benson at Market

  Benson preaching at the market


  Vanessa teaching the Saturday morning Ladies class

dorothy Sunday School
John Dorothy teaching

John practicing in Children’s Church and Dorothy teaching a Sunday School class. (John called from his village to say two souls were saved yesterday when he preached!)


This is one of my favorite pictures, taken as the students work on outlines for market preaching!


Philip received Christ after he considered a question about eternity!


Grace attended about a month before responding to an invitation to be saved!


Isaac, center, came to Christ last month. Two of our students led him to Christ!


Students John and Dorothy led Ruth (in purple) to the Lord while on Saturday visitation. She has been faithfully attending since!


Pastor Danny’s house is completed! We tore down and salvaged what we could from the old termite eaten house.

field 2
field 1

Cut away nearly 5 acres of big bush in order to plant coconut and banana for future school needs and mission giving!


We wanted to show you the abundant fruit of your giving and praying, fruit abounding to your account!

1Co 3:6 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

I Co 3:9 For we are labourers together:

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