December Newsletter 2013

This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes …

counsel baptism
 Huruta Counsel baptized!

I have had an unexpectedly difficult time with Melanesian Pidgin.  Although I am sure my hearing loss contributes to this, I really am at a loss as to the reasons. The other night in church when wanting to talk to the mamas about how they “feed” their children, I instead discussed how they “eat” their children! One of my biggest frustrations with the language is the lack of adjectives it gives me. If I want to describe something in a positive light, I pretty much have to choose between the Pidgin words for nice, good, or big! These words quickly become inadequate when I want to talk about my God! I need: majestic, terrific, wonderful, fantastic, lovely, splendid, extraordinary, magnificent, great, beautiful, awesome, and marvelous: causing great wonder!

These past few months have truly been marvelous …

In October, Pastor David began meeting regularly on the church property in Ihu Station, continuing the work of building the new church plant. The first time he preached there, a young man was saved! We finished the work on pastor’s house, and now that an outhouse is completed, he and his wife are living there on the property. I went to see them the first weekend of November, and was blessed to see the salvation of a young mother named Kila that had been attending church somewhere all her life! There is a core group meeting now of 10 adults and 11 children. I marvel at God’s compassion!

  I would walk about following the invitation, and see people being counseled everywhere! 

The second weekend of November found Trina and I both in Huruta for the three-day Liberty Baptist Church revival rally. I still am amazed at the response to the messages. I would walk about following the invitation, and see people being counseled everywhere! There were 14 professions of faith among the adults and teens. 8 were baptized on Sunday afternoon! I marvel at God’s goodness!

November 17th Hope Baptist Church in Koravake celebrated its tenth anniversary – and as this was our first time in this village, Trina and I were the honored guests, and the busiest! I preached twice in the morning, and in the afternoon there were separate sessions for the men and women. Six men and five women responded to the morning’s invitation to be “born again”! You just can’t wear out John 3! Then, following a lunch break, five teens came to Pastor Kairi, saying they had been too embarrassed to respond earlier, but wanted to receive Christ!
I marvel at God’s convicting power!

As we recently shared, these next couple months are focused on preparation for the start of Baimuru Baptist Bible Institute in February 2014. Please, pray for God’s leading in every aspect of this undertaking. I marvel at God’s wisdom!

Pray too for a Sunday through Friday outreach planned in Ihu Station beginning Sunday, December 29th.  I will preach several times on Sunday. The rest of the week we will hold a short children’s meeting each weekday morning and conduct evangelistic preaching services in the evenings. We would love to see God double the size of the church plant that week! It has been wonderful to watch the works of God in this past year, and how He has been fulfilling His plans! I marvel at God’s faithfulness!

Presenting the Person of Christ,

Wil & Trina Muldoon

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