June 2014 Newsletter

Wil barrett
 The students and Wil did A LOT of digging this past term on a big drainage project. This became a great time of discipleship!

We are so thankful for the prayers of God’s people. This ministry of prayer is so essential to our winning “over all the power of the enemy.” With this in mind, I would like to share some of what God has done, and is doing, in the form of a prayer list.

NEW CONVERTS     In the last 3 months these have received Christ here in Baimuru and become your new brothers and sisters in God’s family! Pray for their growth and families.

                Robin and Vaii – These two men professed Christ on Saturday visitation. Robin has faithfully attended services since his salvation. Vaii works every day but Saturday from eight till six at a Chinese owned shop in Baimuru. Pray Vaii’s boss will work with him about his schedule.

                Lena – One of the student wives, saved on a Sunday afternoon. She had made a profession in her village several years before and Trina did not want to lead her to a salvation decision if she were just struggling with her walk. Trina asked her if the Scriptures spoke to her. Lena replied the Scripture she read told her she was going to hell! Ok, Holy Spirit, you do a good work of convicting of sin.

                Hivia – An older woman, the first wife of a man who has three wives. She was given a tract on a Saturday that had a picture of two roads, one leading to heaven and the other to hell. She could not read it, but the picture frightened her, because she did not know her eternal destiny. Her second Sunday in church, a student couple that speaks her tribal language led her to Christ in the afternoon!

                Sam – Student Maisa and his sons befriended this youth, opened their home to him, and led him to Christ two Sundays ago! Sam has been in the services and last Sunday evening came to choir practice.


… be praying in advance for those that will hear the gospel.

                Trudy – She is the wife of Skipper Sam. Sam is so faithful to the ministry, but Trudy only comes occasionally, and at other times, attends the United Church with her lost family.

                Moro – This is the oldest daughter of student Murphy. Her parents are concerned for her salvation. She has made a profession in the past, but as they look at her life now, they are not seeing any spiritual fruit.

                Those we meet on upcoming outreaches – In July we are planning to start taking the students by dinghy to villages within a day’s trip. We must be praying in advance for those that will hear the gospel. Pray God will save and call men to His service from these villages! May God give us future students from these places!


                Danny and Nedy – 5 children; current pastor of Baimuru Baptist Church

                Ricky and Linda – 3 children; called into ministry out of Varia Baptist Church

                Murphy and Lena – 4 children; former pastor of Shem Baptist Church, Harevavo. At this point, still burdened for this village and area.

    Maisa and Jenifa – 4 children; former pastor of Liberty Baptist Church, Huruta; currently planning to return after his training is completed.

                Richard – called into ministry out of Varia Baptist Church      

                Our students face all the pressures and temptations of any students away from home: extended family problems, financial needs, discouragement, occasional illness, homesickness. Pray for them. They must be “kept by the power of God” if they are to finish the course.


Richard on floor
 Can’t wait to see the students sitting in chairs at desks!


                Classroom repairs – Pray that during this next 10 week term we can complete repairs and address security issues with the classroom building. Trina and I are both looking forward to the additional space for classroom materials, and the increase of comfort for our students this will allow. I can’t wait to hang maps, timelines, and pictures on the walls and to see our students sitting on chairs at desks!

                Theft – stealing is a common part of the culture, and I just cannot reasonably put an 8 foot high security fence around 12 acres. Please pray for the right deterrents and God’s protection over our homes, gardens, classroom, and church/ministry supplies.


                Wisdom and discernment – Giving training to men and women on a daily basis, and having them live on the property with me, is NEW territory in ministry! Please pray that in each day’s decisions, God’s will is made plain, and Christ’s love is displayed.             

    Health – BIG praises to God for being so gracious to Trina and me in this area. We have experienced no major illness or injury. My biggest physical challenge is my hearing loss. The hearing aids are essential and helpful, but not a “cure all.”

                Travel – We would like to go into Port Moresby to purchase six months of food and household/office supplies during the first two weeks of July. It would be perfect as far as the school schedule is concerned, but it is not always a “perfect” time for sea travel. Pray God would open us a good weather window. 

We are honored to extend your ministry to this part of the world! 

Presenting the Person of Christ,

Wil & Trina Muldoon

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