June 2015 Newsletter

Dear Praying Friends,

Danny Wil JR

The Pidgin/English John & Romans are here! Some are being distributed in Port Moresby and other parts of Gulf province. Many will go out during the Pacific Games in July. We have had a great time starting to hand out those that are in Baimuru!

 Our first opportunity was at the Primary School, grades 3-8. These are children between the ages of 12 and 18. Our students spoke in each classroom during Religious Instruction time and then gave a John & Romans to each student. This was a terrific opportunity and great experience for us! We will get a chance each month; pray doors will opened into the hearts and homes of these young people.

women reading

  Last week, the guys took a trip to Varia, Kenipo, and Mariki and handed out over 1200! They held preaching services in the evening and saw 3 people come to Christ! We believe much more fruit will come from this outreach, and the ones to follow!

 If God’s people are not providing “air cover” for us soldiers on the ground, we are dead meat.

 We need you praying. The reason I covet your prayers for us is not so much related to specific requests. It is just an understanding that the prayers of ourselves and others

 are the ONLY reason we are here, healthy, and doing the ministry. Prayer is the only reason

            ***the students have come and are still here – Satan desires to sift them..

***the Baimurus and Orokolos have not started a war between themselves here on the grounds. (Ok, a hyperbole, but there are past tribal grievances and definite differences.)

***people are learning, growing, and being changed by the transforming power of the Word quickened by the Spirit.

We could not make it a day without being “kept” by the power of God. If God’s people are not providing “air cover” for us soldiers on the ground, we are dead meat. If God’s people do not pray that we will be hedged about with the glory of God, the enemy – the one whose purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy – will overrun us. The adversary is stalking about, just waiting for an unprotected opening or weak spot. One family’s child to injure or tempt– one tool to break – a family’s garden food to steal. Trina and I are weak saints; much too human and easily tossed about by the flesh and the lies of the devil. The kind of love God desires to go on here is supernatural; He must provide it, and we must be clean, empty vessels to receive it.

 Now, all that said, here too are a few more specifics related to the work here:

 Salvation for Philip (head of the vocational school) He is now coming to every service. He brings two grandsons with him, and last Sunday his daughter-in-law came too.

 Salvation for the husbands of Eunice, Mavis, Hivia, 3 faithful women that really need families united in Christ. Pray particularly for Hivia. Her husband has multiple wives. She is the first, and not very valuable now that she is too old to bear children. She often receives beatings at her husband’s hand. The church needs more of the presence of adult men too. Right now, it is blessed by and a bit dependent upon the strength of the Bible School guys.

 Pray for Mekona, an older teen girl that came to Christ a week ago. She has been faithful to services, and even came to choir practice last Sunday! Her parents are dead, and she lives with her Uncle Martin, the PNG man who manages the large trading post.

 Pray for success in acquiring the 99 year lease (entitlement) to this property. The request has been approved by the land board .Soon I may actually be able to go into Port Moresby, pay the fees associated with the process, and get the title!

 Pray for continued blessings and salvations as the John and Romans are distributed! This is such an exciting time for us all!

Wil & Trina Muldoon


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