March 2014 Newsletter

Trina and girlfriends
 Trina and her girlfriends!

March 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

We began the new year at Ihu Station, doing a week long morning children’s outreach and evening preaching with Pastor David. This was our first time trying something here in PNG just for kids, and I would have to say, we had a lot of fun! The children were very attentive, and brought someone new every day! We only saw one salvation decision during the week, but Mavina, David’s wife, planned to begin a children’s class on Sunday mornings to continue ministering to the week’s contacts.

As we traveled back to Baimuru from Ihu Station in the dinghy, we made a stop at Harevavo; it was time to start helping students move their families to Baimuru Baptist Bible Institute! Murphy first, then Maisa – two men from the Orokolo people. Then the next week, Ricky and Richard – two from the Baimuru line. What an exciting time it was – watching the vision happen that we had rehearsed numerous times on deputation!

The week before beginning actual class, we held revival meetings in the mornings and evening fellowships at our home. The week began with the Sunday ordination of a national man Ilaia, a former graduate of BBBI (when run under Bro. Ted Mullens) who has been pastoring for over 7 years now in Varia village. What a positive challenge it was to our students to witness this event!

 Twelve were baptized!!

The preaching through the week, and our evenings of singing, fellowship, and testimony were very effective in provoking hearts. Ricky’s entire family was saved!! In the weeks following, Maisa’s three sons made professions of faith, along with Naomi, Murphy’s daughter. On Sunday, March 16, Baimuru Baptist Church held a baptismal service at the river. Twelve were baptized! What a time of rejoicing we had!

Classes are a regular daily event now: Monday through Friday, 8 am till noon. We are watching the student’s understanding of basic Bible truths blossom! Husbands and wives are both in class. I believe all are taking home the Bible survey lessons they are getting in class home to their children.

Anna Teaching

We are blessed to have our daughter Anna here with us for a month – our family TEFL expert! She is writing lessons, teaching our students a one hour English class, and giving Trina instruction in teaching this subject so the class can continue after her April 9th departure – which, from her dad’s point of view, will come way too soon! Anna’s help has been invaluable. She has been able to evaluate our students’ levels of English and custom design a curriculum that will work well for them.

The students have been showing their appreciation to Anna with food! I really thought I had tried everything here on the coast of PNG, but some really nice surprises have come these weeks. Today, we purposefully did not eat dinner until after 6 pm in case food showed up – and then between 6:15 and 7:30, tapiok, two kinds of soup, and roasted prawns arrived!

Thank you, and thank you again for your prayers and giving that have made our deputation vision into a reality!


Presenting the Person of Christ,

Wil and Trina Muldoon



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