March 2015 Newsletter

 We could not be here, without you there!

Psa_68:19  Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.


So here, some eternal and some temporal, of all sizes and shapes, are a few of our benefits …

A good report from all the students returning from the Christmas/summer break – souls saved!

New tracts from Kotitanga Children’s Church offerings!

Fresh lemonade daily from our own trees.

Full rain water tanks – our source of drinking and washing water.

Recent visitors at church, especially Trudy, Sam’s wife, and Philip, the head of the Vocational School.

Avocados and fresh garden food – green beans and cucumbers growing!

The student’s spiritual growth, and the improvements in their study and preparation habits.

Young girl saved last Sunday!

Solar freezer sitting in the kitchen – the promise of future ice cubes.

Battery operated fans.

The quick return of student Maisa from the Kapuna Medical center; We thought he would have a 3 week stay.

Safe and hopefully profitable trip for Wil to Port Moresby to meet with the Land Board.

Protection from injury and illness.

Two new LED lights – a big boost to the solar system, and a reading light Trina really enjoys.

English and Pidgin John and Romans arriving this month.

Oreos and eggs available at the small trading post here.

Being able to buy fuel (petrol, diesel, zoom) by the barrel             – a big savings!

Increased attention at market preaching
Pastor Danny and men students invited to an Easter weekend preaching fellowship, providing a wonderful opportunity to represent Baimuru Baptist Bible Institute.

A new washer.

Recent care packages that included a variety of amazing things, both to bless the missionaries and help the school.

The repairing of both a mower and generator – HERE in Baimuru!

A wonderful visit from our team leader Matt Allen, his family, and new missionaries Tyler and Abby Nikkel

Wil’s work permit approved for another three years

A pet cat that catches big rats

A wonderful visit from our team leader, Matt Allen, his family, and new missionaries Tyler and Abby Nikkel.

Living in a place that offers fresh seafood for sale.

Wil’s work permit approved for another three years.

A pet cat that catches big rats.

Ben’s visit of two months. What a blessing it was to have the strength and energy of a 24 year old around here, helping in the garden and on the grounds, but that is the lesser part of the blessing. Ben’s wisdom in the Word, study practices, and teaching skills were so appreciated by both us and the students. How wonderful, too, that during Wil’s week in Port Moresby, the teaching from the book of Romans could progress!

Continued, faithful prayer and financial support from you all! We could not be here, without all of you there!


Overloaded with Benefits,

Wil & Trina

The Muldoons

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