September 2018 Newsletter

We are heading into our sixth month of rainy season, and even for me, who enjoys the cooler temperatures (70s and 80s), it is getting a little long. Slogging through mud. Hanging clothes to dry in the house. Everything being wet. Gardens being swamped. Yes, even the sound of rain drops can be discouraging.

But God is faithful …

We have not been short on blessings! Grace, the vocational teacher we mentioned in our previous update came to Christ three weeks ago! Last week, a young man named Aisak who has been attending since April was born into God’s family! Here are texts we received from graduates:

Murphy: “Joe, one of my converts, his wife Rachel who came from a strong SDA background (Seventh Day Adventist) was saved today. Please pray for them.” (Harevavo, August 30)

Ricky: “Two family men got saved last week Sunday. Was going to baptize them today, but due to heavy downpour had to suspend the service.” (Ihu Station, August 26)

Maisa: “God saved eight souls! Looking forward to baptize them. To God be the Glory!” (Huruta, September 2)

But God is faithful …

The students are doing well and growing in knowledge and practical ministry. The men are taking turns preaching in the market on Fridays, and will soon begin teaching a series of lessons they have written on Joshua in the Sunday evening services. The ladies will get to teach in the Saturday morning women’s class, and every student has been getting experience in Sunday School or Children’s Church. Richard has done a good job as our intern teacher. He will be teaching the survey of I Corinthians in the upcoming term.

But God is faithful …

The Baimuru Baptist Church parsonage is completed, and Pastor Danny’s family is moved in! I can’t wait to send some pictures, but as the Baimuru internet situation has not much improved, that will have to wait until we go into the capital in December. (We were not able to travel out during this term break.)

Pastor Ricky has been slowly and faithfully gathering materials and storing them in the neighboring village where he has been living for almost two years. The slowness of this process is due to several factors. Since we do not own ground with the type of trees needed for building timber, Ricky has to find people outside of the government station willing to sell him trees. All of the timber is cut by chainsaw. Rick has to find an operator with a working saw, pay him to run it, and provide the oil and fuel – new chains if necessary. None of these items except fuel can be purchased in the bush. Due to the lawlessness of Ihu Station, he cannot leave anything on site until it is hammered in, and someone is on the ground to watch it! Ricky’s house will basically need to be built “all at once” – at least to a point that he and Linda can live there. I feel it is very important to get them living on the Ihu Station ground by the start of next year. Ricky and Linda have stuck it out, ministering in a place about an hour walk from their living arrangement. Living on the property there will not only be better for them, but for the converts that need more access to their spiritual parents.

And you all are faithful too!

We have been in PNG six years now! Thankful for your faithful praying and giving. Both are essential to the work here.

Presenting the Person of Christ,

Wil & Trina

The Muldoons

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