Here are a few things we would especially like you to be praying for:


From July 1 through August 11 we will be in Papua New Guinea working with Matt Allen and other TTMK team members. God has so wonderfully provided for every need of this trip and it has been amazing to see! Here are a few things we would especially like you to be praying for:

1.       Safe transport of us and our cargo, especially those items we are bringing for the current missionaries and their work.

2.       Good weather for flying around PNG as this is the cloudy season.

3.       Great progress in our language study.

4.       God would give us more specific direction about the tribal group we will work with and our location. Also, that we would gather necessary information to best determine our needed support level and what items would need to be purchased outside the country.

5.       In every way we would be a blessing and help, and that God would allow us to see souls saved and hearts changed through the “dynamite” of the Gospel!!

We are so thankful for each one of you, interested in and praying for the work God has called us too! Just think, upon our return we can finally post pictures in that PNG section of the photo gallery. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

LOOK AT BACKDROP and download to print a PDF version of NEWSFLASH: Please put on Fridge and Pray for this List