November 2010 Prayer Letter

November 2010 (692 KB)

Our first semester classes are nearly completed! We have been studying linguistics courses. These studies will greatly aid us in learning languages and in speaking them without a distracting accent. (Think “tech support over the phone” as an example of a distracting accent!) These classes will also make it possible for us to learn an unwritten language and give a written language to that people group, teach them to read, and even have the skills to translate God’s precious Word into their tongue. As you can imagine, the classes are challenging!

Of course, reaching the world with the gospel encompasses the Bowie area too and we have looked for ministry opportunities. On a Saturday morning visitation I invited Samantha and the couple she was staying with to church the next day. They all came and I could tell Samantha was really listening. She had attended church as a child, but there was no evidence a supernatural second birth had made her a new creature. In fact, her life was in a horrible shamble; but God was at work and two weeks later Trina & I had the privilege of leading both Samantha and her best friend Mackenzie to Christ right on their front porch! The girls, 17 and 18, were excited to attend church with us and we made plans for their baptism. The Saturday we planned to stop by and go over baptism more thoroughly, we got startling news. Samantha had died during the night, most likely of a heart attack. We stayed with Mackenzie until her parents came to pick her up and drove the next week to Electra for the viewing. Samantha’s mother had been amazed and excited over Samantha’s testimony to her in the previous weeks and was thrilled to meet us. Pray that Samantha’s mother Rachel may come to Christ also.


Another Saturday I had an awesome time preaching to a group of teens in the park during a rainstorm! I stopped and gave them all tracts and as the rain increased, they ran under a picnic shelter. I had a captive audience and preached the gospel as it was presented in the tract. I gave an invitation and with a bowed head and raised hand, Shelbe indicated putting her trust in Christ! (Trina took this picture from the car, not wanting to spook the girls.)

News From PNG!

News from the field is exciting too! The Kame people are open and eager for God’s Word. 15 were saved at a recent Bible School graduation! Over 100 people attended last Sunday in the new church plant in Animawa and 8 were saved along with many others asking questions. Each Wednesday the people pray for the work of Bible translation and for a Christian school. There are villages asking for church plants. Even tribes in different language groups nearby are seeking a gospel witness. The burden of discipleship is heavy on the missionaries there; indeed it is beyond what they can do themselves. Trina and I are willing and eager to go. Our experience, plus the training we are receiving will allow us to be effective in this setting. We will need your support. Please pray that God will burden the hearts of His people to support us in this great task! What is it God will have you do?

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Our finances will be handled through Liberty Baptist Tabernacle in Rapid City, SD under the direction of Pastor Wayne Williams. They have the staff and experience to assist in this and we are very grateful!

Presenting the Person of Christ,
The Muldoons