October Update 1

Dear Praying Friends,

Our limited internet access will only allow us to connect to email on our PNG phones, so we decided to send out shorter, more frequent emails during this quarter.

My prayer request is for improved weather. I don’t usually make “weather” prayer requests. I know we live in a tropical rain forest! However, we are now on our seventh month of continuous rain. At least six times the property has been covered by water due to intense downpours. Usually, September is the month that the weather begins to change and we see more drying sun; but the rain kept on, and these first two weeks of October have contained rain every day. We need to be able to plant more gardens, and not have the already planted food we will be needing for the graduation weekend rotting. We need to be able to do maintenance on the grounds. We need a low water table so all the outhouses are usable. We have six weeks until graduation. This exciting event will continue with our praise whatever the weather, but we would really prefer 250 people NOT slogging around in the mud for the meeting!

The praise in this short update concerns Bro. Ricky, 2016 graduate. It became apparent after watching him in Ihu Station that Ricky needed some more ministry experience. He and Linda are currently under the ministry of Charity Baptist Church in Kerema, led by missionary John Gray. They are getting a lot of opportunities for service. Here is a recent text from Ricky after his preaching at the prison:

“Alleluia, Bro Wil! 10 men got saved today. Preached from Mark 2, God forgives sins. Thank you for your prayers. RK”