Purchasing the Gardens

…because God’s people in the States cared… 

God’s Goodness in Ihu!

After returning to Kotidanga, the Lord would not give me peace about my plan to return on the date I had announced. The people in Ihu village know that I am coming on the 16th to pay the gardeners, carrying a large amount of cash, and that makes it very dangerous not only for me, but especially for Trina. I talked to Matt about the dangers and recommended that I go before then and catch them off guard. I would go in to Ihu, pay the gardeners and come right back. Matt thought it was an excellent idea and he arranged to fly me a week after we got back from the surveying of the land.  Just before I took off to Ihu with all of that money, I contacted Jerry and asked him if we could have the pastors come for protection and witnesses and to get the police at the last minute so no one in Ihu would know I was coming in a couple of days.

God gave me peace and when I got there, I met the constable and the police right at my dinghy landing. How’s that for a continued miracle? I would say awesome! Jerry and the other pastors also met me and so we proceded to gather the gardeners. We brought them to Jerry’s house and Jerry, Wilkie, and I went inside with the gardener privately. I had prepared two copies of receipts on sealed TTMK letterhead. Two sets of initials were required on each copy along with Wilkie’s signature. That took us all day and into the night with minor hiccups. The protection of God was so obvious and the gardeners were so happy they got to see the goodness of God. The police took care of some small incidents for us and by the end of the day every gardener was paid and all the gardens belonged to God. Now we have plenty of food for Jerry and his family to live on while he builds his house and for others as they come to help!

After the contented gardeners had all left, the men and I ate a small supper together of canned tuna and crackers. As we finished, I reminded them that I was not able to make this purchase of the gardens because I was a rich businessman from the States, but because God’s people in the States cared about a church being started in Ihu Station, and were giving and praying for the gospel to be spread among the Orokolo! The next day the pastors and I celebrated as we went to the market and a couple of them preached at the market. Then we went to the land, dug our first shovel-full of dirt, and dedicated it to God! Jerry can now start building his house.  It is because of the prayers and giving of many of you that this work can progress! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Below are nine different shots of the land, the police, and the ground breaking.

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