Schellenberger June Newsletter (2012)

Guest House Progress
Guest House Progress

Today there would be so many things you could hear: Generators humming, grinders buzzing, the Bible
chool boys hammering as they work on the guest house. People coughing on the clinic porch, babies crying as they get shots. The bell rings….it must be time for Sarah’s literacy class. Children running, and playing. Someone
inging at the top of their lungs “Na God i tok, mi amamas, olgeta samting mi bin wokim em i gutpela” It
means, “And God said, I am happy, everything I have made is good.”

Guest House
The posts are welded together and in the ground, and the walls are being put together for this two-story
house. It has been quite a process ordering and getting supplies to the middle of the jungle. It is exciting for usto help build the guest house as we will be living in one of the apartments. There is another family wanting to
move into the guest house, and we have many visitors planning to come this summer. Please pray for this project:
there is still much work to be done, and we would like to be moved into the guest house by July 3rd. We are
currently living in Matt and Becky Allen’s house and they will be returning from furlough on this date.

A few days ago, I told Lena that as time goes by in the clinic, the fewer “funny” stories I accumulate. Asthe days have passed I have built relationships with the people, and I know their families. Before when someone
died or was sick, it did not affect me as much because I did not know who they were. Now I know those who die; I
know if they were saved or went to hell; I weep with their families. The last few months have been full of lifeand-
death situations: several ladies with retained afterbirth and bleeding, a man with a heart attack, one boy with
epilepsy who had a seizure and almost drowned in a ditch, and Margaret’s brother and uncle who died after being on medications for months. I looked into their eyes as each one came to the clinic in their state of emergency and wondered, “If this medicine or procedure does not work, they could die…and where would they spend eternity? Please God, give them another chance to hear.” -Rachel

Right now, we are in the middle of the life of Christ in our teaching, and the people are really grabbing
hold of the concept that Jesus is God and He is Man at the same time. Because Jesus is God, they know He doesnot sin. Last week we had two questions related to Christ’s sinlessness: “Why did Jesus die?” and “Why was Jesus baptized?” They were good questions that allowed me to explain salvation and address some of the religious beliefs that the Catholics have brought into the area. The believers have also asked when a “work-man”
will be coming to Aminawa. They want a “work-man”/ pastor that can be there all the time to answer their
questions and to help them stand against the pressures of life. This, of course, has been our prayer and desire since the work was started. To see the people themselves show interest and ask is a big step. I asked them to pray with us (1) That God would call the right man and show us, and (2) That the believers themselves would be ready to take care of and follow a pastor. They agreed to pray.

Rach and I just went to town for a week to get some supplies: it’s hard to believe that two years ago we were
headed to the same town just starting out as interns and wondering what God had in store for us. Never in our
wildest dreams could we have expected the trials or the blessings that God has brought us through. We are most
thankful to be a part of the work of God.

For His Glory,

Andrew and Rachel



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