September 2014 Newsletter


            In my last letter I sent out numerous prayer requests, and because you all prayed, this letter is full of praise!!

            Moro, Student Murphy’s daughter was saved! Too, Murphy’s youngest, Maria, was added to the family of God. JUST YESTERDAY, I had the wonderful privilege of leading Murphy’s oldest, his son Joshua, to Christ! We asked you to pray for Tais. Well, he has not shown a spiritual interest yet, but his wife has been at church twice and seems to listen intently.


 One was a man who had been saved just that morning!

            July 27th Baimuru Baptist ordained Kairi Paito, our second missionary pastor!! 6 were baptized at an August 16th baptismal service! One was a man who had been saved just that morning in Baimuru Baptist Church.


            You have been praying for God’s blessings in outreach. Just across the river, 4 were saved on a Saturday trip! Pastor Danny took a group of students to Varia for the anniversary celebration of the church there. They preached in the morning service, and Student Ricky’s parents were saved.  Then, in an evening outreach in the center of the village, you got 18 new brothers and sisters in Christ!



     We asked you to pray for the physical grounds here and the completion of the classroom. Well, we are meeting there, and what a joy it has been.  God has provided the needed rain tanks so each house can have its own fresh supply of water. A business in Port Moresby donated 3 water tanks, each being able to hold over 2000 gallons of water!  Also, God, through Liberty Baptist Tabernacle, provided a chain saw for us. Perhaps some of you recall hearing about all the trees that were felled last fall related to an airstrip improvement project. MUCH more garden space can be cleared for the next planting season!


            Thank you for praying for the safety and health of us all. It is a testimony to God’s protection that with 6 families living here on the grounds, with a total of 14 children, there have been no major illnesses, including malaria, or injuries. God has hedged us about lately in terms of theft. We did have one incident of a young man coming twice, late at night, trying to entice one of the student’s daughters out of her home. The second time, her dad, Pastor Danny, and another student got outside in time to chase him off the property! They were not able to identify him, but he has not felt inclined to return.



            Rejoice, always rejoice! So we will be putting that to the test for a few months until the next garden reaping is ready. We had extremely heavy rains this season, and gardens have been completely flooded, rotting many underground crops.  For Trina and I, this just means “less vegetables”, but for our students it means facing a lean time concerning food and income. Pray God will greatly increase everyone’s faith in His supply, and He will be magnified in the loss!


            Another wonderful blessing came out of the outreach trip to Varia! Danny was able to visit with the chiefs of a recently formed village that has no church, and they welcomed us to come in and teach and preach! So, be praying for the people of Alau Ere Miri and plans for outreach there. It will probably mean at least an overnight trip due to traveling with the tides.


            I have one other great praise. I cannot give all the details of it, at least not at this time. However, I want you to rejoice with me – so here is what is mine to share.  I have been praying for, crying over, challenging, and loving a PNG man for over a year now, feeling sure he was lost, even though he had spent some time in ministry. Here is part of a message he sent last week, as he wrote it, – and encouraged me to testify on his behalf:

Oh. God Almighty almost killed me twice and at the point of death, I surrendered totally and got saved at 31 Aug Sunday. Now 3 days old in Christ, sir I love you and PLEASE accept my APOLOGY. Am a new man with a new vision. Sori wish am in person to ask for forgiveness. Anyway i will still meet you when God unites us. God thru you hath saved me. Thank you soo much my Bro Wil/sr Trina.

At last I gave up my pride & my secret sins confessed at the point of my death all becos saints prayed soo dearly for me.!! Lord willing all my religious spiritual pride has been stripped off, even my holly wood movie acting at the pulpit now OVER. Pls continue to pray for me and my heartbeat. With much LOVE! Bro in Christ!!!

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