UPDATE - August 2016

 … a change in Baimuru that will greatly impact the physical aspects of our ministry. 

This update is a bit early, but I needed you to be praying with me about a change in Baimuru that will greatly impact the physical aspects of our ministry.  In areas of business, Baimuru is pretty much a “one horse town,’ and that one horse has been a company called OilMin.

Oilmin owns the barges that come into Baimuru.

            Oilmin maintains the grass airstrip.

Oilmin sells us barrels of the four kinds of fuel we use.

Oilmin runs the generator that keeps the cell phone tower in operation. This is the sole provider of both phone and minimal internet access in Baimuru.

Oilmin runs the sawmill that provides lumber for sale and firewood.

Oilmin used their equipment to move our supplies from the barge and airplane to our home.

Well, Oilmin is leaving Baimuru. As you can see from the above list, this departure impacts every way we get supplies, our cost of those supplies, our upkeep of the buildings, our communication needs, and even the way our student families manage here, as they all build cooking fires at least twice a day. If all of our traveling and supply hauling has to be done with our dinghy (little boat), this will cause havoc to the maintaining of a regular school schedule.

I am not trying to sound all “gloom and doom,” and I know God has many ways to accomplish His work. But I really need you praying with us that God will make a plain path for us as to how He will meet these needs as we seek clear direction for the 2017 school year. Oilmin is planning to be completely moved out by the end of this month, so should it happen that we “go dark”, know that we are planning a trip into Port Moresby at the end of September, and will catch up with you all then!

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support! On September 1st we will have been in Papua New Guinea for four years!

Presenting the Person of Christ,

Wil and Trina Muldoon

P.S. Some of you have asked if we were able to get the posts needed to finish the fencing project. I am glad to say “Yes!” The fencing is all up, and the last of five gates is being hung today!


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