I praise the Lord that Matt & John Allen (Matt’s Dad) went to a village meeting and got an OK to start this new church plant in Aminawa. It wasn’t long after this start that John got Andrew Shellenberger involved and they both built a strong foundation teaching Chronologically through the Bible. John & Selina went on furlough and Andrew with his language helper Kenias continued with this Church plant. God has really blessed this effort and Andrew has seen 8 people saved in this village plus the 5 saved when we went with him and Rachel to the village. Thanks, Andrew, for giving me an opportunity to preach along side you and Kenias. What a thrill it was to be present and see the fruit of Your labors! It was a thrill to see how God used you & Rachel’s fluent pidgeon and Kenias with Kamea to bring 5 souls to salvation! For Trina and I, it was a nice token from God to see how you and Rachel work together for His Glory. I could not have picked a better Son-in-Law!