Orokolo Outreach!


What a terrific time four students and I had, sharing the Word of God in both its written form and through preaching! I asked each of the guys to give me a few thoughts to include in a report to you all.

People were excited to receive the John and Romans from us. We explained what the two books would do when they read them. The book of John would make them happy because it would give them a right picture of Christ and who He was. The book of Romans would give them concern because it would give them understanding of their sinfulness and need for salvation!

We were surprised to see that people we did not find at their homes, came to find us, asking for the booklets. Over three thousand people in 18 villages have the John and Romans right in their homes!


Our Mission trip took us to the Orokolo inland and coastal villages. (Some of these men had never preached or evangelized in tribal area outside their own.) It was about a 4 hour dinghy ride to our first place. We got there about noon, and after a short break, started handing out John and Romans. That night, Brother Maisa preached, and 3 souls responded for salvation! (Richard preached the next night, and two received Christ!)


I would like to thank and give glory to God who blessed our trip. We always had a place to sleep, and more than enough food. People were kind, and received the books with respect. Twice we walked an hour to a bush village to give John and Romans, preached that night, and returned in the dark. One message that was preached was from Matthew 9:35-38. It broke my heart for the compassion for souls. We prayed that God would send laborers. In one village, we met a Christian woman from the city of Daru. We know of the Baptist missionary there. She asked if we could begin a church in her village.


We left Harevavo with Bro. Wil right after breakfast. At midday, we were still walking, each carrying 150 John and Romans in our bilums. (bags) By 2:30 p.m. we reached the rain forest village, and began distributing the books. I could see that people were in desperate need of the true gospel of Jesus Christ! (Although people in this village have seen whites as they travel outside their village, this was the first place I had been to where no one could recall a white coming to their village!)


During 9 days of term break, a dinghy loaded with 1 barrel of fuel, 10 boxes of John and Romans (4000), and 6 men, including our skipper Sam, traveled 4 hours to the western boundary of the Orokolo. Two couples attend the Bible Institute from this tribal group. We emptied those boxes in 18 villages, and saw six people come to Christ! There are only two churches in the area we covered, Liberty Baptist in Huruta, and Shem Baptist in Harevavo. My heart is broken afresh for the villages that need access to a clear gospel message and good Bible teaching. We have a great God. He will not forget the needs of these people. Yes, there are places here that still need the gospel!

I preached only once on the trip, the Sunday morning service in the Huruta church – and I preached on missions: have compassion on the multitudes! I gave the men all the experience I could in areas of ministry. They loved it! I believe they returned “wonderfully exhausted!”

Twice, evening services could not be held due to two promised generators (for lighting) that proved to be non-working. I would really like to purchase some type of solar lighting we could carry ourselves. Please pray with me about that need.

One other bit of news: At the end of August, Trina is taking a three week trip to the States to be with our daughter Rachel near the time of delivery of her and Andrew’s first child. After experiencing two previous miscarriages, we all have put much prayer into this little one’s arrival, and would appreciate the prayers of you all too!

We thank God upon every remembrance of you! Presenting the Person of Christ,


Wil and Trina Muldoon