Government Tree Cutting

Here are a few “before & after” pics of the tree cutting fiasco in early September – all for the good of an airstrip I feel quite sure will never see service from a regular airline!  We were initially told that only three trees needed cut on our Baimuru mission property. Three turned in to over 100!! –  sections of the property look like a war zone. Much garden area is currently unusable, and many, many food-providing trees were destroyed. Please pray with us as we are requesting compensation for some of the damage.

However, although the work that was done was not designed to bring “good ” to the mission station, we did all we could to show goodness to the workers and share the gospel.  We brought them cold drinks and tracts. They saw the believers pray for their safety. I do not know all the “good” God intends to bring from this event.  What a blessing it would be to see some of the workers saved. When the land is cleared, we will definitely have more garden space! There will be PLENTY of work on the grounds for our future Bible School students to do!