Baimuru - New Property - 2013

 Rats, roaches, rust, and robbers had spoiled…

We know you are eager to see the new property! Just keep in mind that these pictures were taken during our 10 day visit there. We spent the days cleaning and seeing what was working, what needed replaced, and what needed buried. We will return to live there after getting the items we need to replace, along with  6 months of household supplies, and tools and hardware needed for repairs. The house had been vacant for 7 years, filled with the items the Mullins had left. Their original plan had been to spend 6 months in the highlands and 6 months in Baimuru each year.


Rats, roaches, robbers, and rust had spoiled or taken much of what was in the house and workshop. (I mean serious, possum-sized rats!!) However, the house itself was built amazingly strong, and out of very good wood with metal posts supporting it! All of the buildings on the property were built with milled lumber and have metal roofs. There is one good water tank in place for the house. We could not test the water system as thieves had removed the water pump from the pvc pipe in a robbery attempt. Pastor Danny caught them, but did not have pvc glue to re-attach the pump. The solar wiring is in place; we will need to install solar panels and batteries. The propane stove works, but unfortunately the propane fridge did not. (When you see the pic of the winter time temps, you will understand our disappointment) It is wonderful how God looked out for the queen size mattress and the BOOKS (over 750) that were in the house! One of the things I have missed most since leaving Cheyenne and Fellowship Baptist Church was my library!  A beauty of a canoe and two generators also came with our investment!


Our cargo from the US, about 12 boxes and a guitar, has been brought to Baimuru by dinghy, and when we are ready, Matt will fly in the little we have left in Kotidanga. Please pray about a way to get supplies into Baimuru from Port Moresby that does not involve the expense of a plane. We cannot wait to send you pictures of the place once we have “moved in”!!!


We certainly must be FLUID in God’s Plan!


Start top left pic and go to the right and down to bottom!