Selawik - A Remote Native Eskimo Village

Warren & Gayle Compton
Warren & Gayle Compton

We had a wonderful time in the remote Eskimo village of Selawik with missionaries Warren and Gayle Compton! The village is located on permafrost, necessitating some special construction. Transportation is by snow machine in the winter and ATV and boat in the summer. Board walks make a maze through the village, located on both sides of the Selawik River. A unique above ground water and sewer system works with a vacuum.

Earl Malpass - Mission Air Care - Missionaries like the Comptons could not survive without a Missionary Pilot like Earl
Earl Malpass - Missionaries like the Comptons could not survive without the help of a Missonary Pilot - See Earl’s website at - Good place to put your financial support!

We so enjoyed our time with the Comptons and the dear folks of Bible Baptist Church! These tribal folks in a village setting really understood the aspects of our future ministry. The first day of VBS was so much fun. The kid’s offering that week is being given as a gift to our boat fund!