Muldoon’s Monologue

In our last update I did not have room to include some of the texts I have received from BBBI graduates in the past couple months. God is at work, and answering your prayers for these ministries! I will not edit their messages, but will add information in italics as needed:

“We have one soul saved on the 29th Oct Sunday by name Maselo Lorence and 2 additional saved yesterday a boy, Absalom (pictured above), and a youth girl, Mavis.” (Shem Baptist, Harvavo)

“I was reading through Genesis 22 the call of Abraham that Ur and Haran were civilized places that he left to live in primitive lifestyle in Canaan. No city guy likes that. Missions in the city or in the bush are mission fields, but people choose only the city.” (Pray for our graduates as they minister in remote areas.)

“Rejoice with us, 2 drug boys got saved here Liberty (Baptist Church), Huruta God be the glory” (John Hailai preaching)

“The 13 year old girl on the left is Rita by name. She was train to be a soulwinner by my wife. The other girl standing at the left side is her first convert (Cicilia) that she led to the Lord today.” (Pastor Murphy, Shem Baptist, Harevavo)

“On the first Sunday, brother Aii gave his testimony about the Bible school and his testimony of salvation. He brought some family members that day and two were saved! A nephew and a female cousin, Aileen.” (current student Aii’s first Sunday home on holiday)

Merry Christmas!  Keep praying!  ~ Wil and Trina

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