Dear Praying Friends,

The Christmas break (summer vacation) went well for our students, and all returned the third week of January to begin classes January 29. There were some great reports from the students’ pastors. Aii surprised his pastor with a public declaration of being called to preach! This seems to have resulted in Aii having a more serious mindset about spiritually training his three sons and putting in the work to bring about order and obedience. He brought back a different care giver, Anna, and although I do not believe she is any older than Luis, she seems to be more responsible concerning household needs.

Miki’s pastor wrote, “We the church group want to thank you for giving this great opportunity to Miki Arua to give out Bibles and tracts. We covered 10 villages and saw seven souls saved!” Judas Gideon also carried Bibles home to distribute and open doors to witness. Have you ever hiked 3 days carrying boxes of Bibles? We took Judas and his family as far as we could by sea, but it is still quite a walk to his village!

This second year of schooling is not only about the students learning more of the Word, but also beginning to learn to share what they have learned- in a personal, witnessing way, and also in a Sunday School class, or publicly preaching at the market. One of the first classes of the year is called “Teaching Children”. After completing this class, all the students are put on a schedule to work in either Sunday School or Junior Church.

This year the students will also learn a style of writing their own lessons, based upon a Bible story. The Chronological Bible Curriculum gives an overview of the Old Testament, particularly as it relates to the plan of redemption. The curriculum also goes through each New Testament book, providing our students with many good teaching outlines. These lessons they write on their own will cover OT events not covered in detail, like accounts from Joshua and Judges, and some of the history during the days of the kings.

Please uphold them in prayer as they tackle these new tasks. Pray they will be successful in their assignments in the children’s classes. Most have never spoken more than a brief testimony in public. Pray that as they learn this new method of lesson writing they will be illumined by the Spirit to both understand the story, and discern what can be taught about God Himself and living for Him from the text.

Pray also for a gathering I am planning for the third week of March. I want to specifically encourage and challenge our graduates in the pastorate. I want them to rest and fellowship. I want them to have a few days when no one is knocking on their door with a problem! The teaching will include Overcoming Strongholds of Bitterness, Helping your people understand and overcome the spirit world, and Are you a Risk-Taker, a Caretaker, or an Undertaker? Pray these couples will be a great encouragement to our current students, and the students will show they are learning what it means to serve others.

Presenting the Person of Christ,
Wil and Trina

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