Dear Praying Friends,

I decided at the end of term 3 to plan a trip up to the Nazarene hospital to get checked over, and make sure things were healing properly. Pastor Danny and Richard would finish up the two weeks of the term, and they would get experience writing the weekly tests and grading. I wanted to schedule enough time away to allow for a surgical repair if necessary. PRAISE GOD that was not the situation! The two weeks in Kudjip were mostly a time of physical healing, reading, talking, walking, and praying. At the end of it, we got to do some shopping in a new area, Mt. Hagen, and get reacquainted with some missionary friends! From there Trina flew into Port Moresby to get the crown put on her broken front tooth, and I returned to Baimuru to deal with a serious issue here.

As I look out my kitchen window, I still experience sadness looking at the empty student house. A family did have to be dismissed from school, and that is a disappointment. It never seems kind to me to detail much of someone’s failure, so we will just say that there were some ongoing contentions, accusations, and wrong responses between family members and with the babysitter that brought about their dismissal. Their sending church in Port Moresby is looking to be a counseling help to them. There is such a feeling of community on the property here, it seemed like for about two weeks everyone was grieving a loss.

My abdomen muscles are continuing to heal and strengthen – but at turtle speed! I hope by the next time the mowing needs done (two weeks from now) that I can run the tractor with its attachments without any limitations. In all other ways we have been healthy, and are thankful for that!

This new term I have begun a study on the book of Romans with the Institute class. Richard is teaching the lessons from the Chronological Bible course that surveys Romans, and I have the fun part of teaching and preaching all the wonderful things that the survey touches only lightly! We constantly see, in both physical and spiritual areas, the law of sin and death at work. We see the relentless attack of the enemy seeking to steal, kill, and destroy. But, PRAISE GOD,

The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

We have been sending out Richard to the village of Anita to fill a pulpit once a month for an absent pastor. This has been a blessing to him and the believers there. Traveling to this village involves a 4 ½ hour boat trip and then another hour by road.

You have a new sister in Christ, Betrina! I will try to get a picture of her for the next letter! Her husband teaches at the Vocational School here in Baimuru. She is not from this area, so it is a little tougher for her to fit in, not knowing the local tribal languages.

Lord willing, next week a plane will bring us new Pidgin tracts! I would really like the students to have more experience in outreach before their October graduation. Pray for the continued growth of the students. Pray that Hila and Betty will both be successful when it is their turn to work in the children’s ministries. This will be VERY new for them both! We want everyone to be more useful for God’s work at the finish line!

Presenting the Person of Christ,
Wil & Trina

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We thank you for your prayers and support toward reaching the people of Papua New Guinea with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.