Dear Praying Friends,

Merry Christmas! Glory to God in the highest! We just concluded the Christmas Teen Bung and 12 souls have been added to God’s family! 49 youth were registered, and with church staff, cooks, and boat crews, about 90 were staying on the property. We had a wonderful week, good weather, and great food both physically and spiritually! All were convicted, challenged, and blessed by the preaching of our national pastors and our guest speaker Missionary John Allen. Some preaching sessions were separated by gender so the young men and women could be challenged more specifically to maintain pure lives. Teenage fornication and resulting pregnancies too often come up in the churches. Along with the salvation decisions, many made decisions concerning conquering sin and doing more for Jesus in their own village. We were able to send tracts and Bibles home with each church as all were planning some type of outreach over the Christmas/New Year holidays.

As you will see from the pictures, we had a lot of fun and fellowship too! I could tell not only the kids, but all the pastors were encouraged by the preaching and fellowship with one another. This was the first time any had done Bible quizzing! All the youth groups had worked at memorizing the theme verse (1 Timothy 6:11), knowing the books of the Bible, and had been assigned to study Luke 8, but I was still skeptical about how this would go! The first day the youth were a little shy, but after that, they were completely involved – and quite competitive! The winner of each mornings quizzing and Bible games was called up first to the lunch line – no big trophies involved! I reminded the pastors that the purpose here was not for them to be the “winner”, but that this was one avenue to provoke their youth to be more familiar with their Bible!

In other news, our new students successfully completed their first term, and are now on a short holiday. They have been a big help during the bung. Pray especially for Hila and Hiarua, as during the evening preaching they went forward to offer their lives to God for service. I am not sure yet of their thinking, or how God is speaking to them, but it was a blessing to see their tender hearts. The salvations were a blessing and a beginning, and seeing young people grow in a desire for holiness was wonderful – but what I long for is to see more surrender to serving God full time. Perhaps these two students will be the start of answering those prayers; pray that more will join them! The swamp needs faithful, consistent, surrendered men and women. Those that have known and sought to follow God from their youth!

Presenting the Person of Christ,
Wil & Trina

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We thank you for your prayers and support toward reaching the people of Papua New Guinea with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.