In our last letter I asked you to be praying for a new group of students for Baimuru Baptist Bible Institute. A faithful God has filled every house! In this letter I am thrilled to introduce them to you! 

This is Aii Hekahu, a young Orokolo widower with three sons: Saul (14), Harry (10), Maiku (5). Aii was saved in Shem Baptist church, Harevavo village. He has been very faithful in his service there. His sister Louice has moved with the family to be the child care provider while Aii is involved in classes and work detail. Pray especially for the boys! Harry just began school here in Baimuru Elementary last week. The boys are used to village life, which basically involves eating and sleeping at home, but spending the rest of their time playing on the beach! 


Judas and Lynne Gideon are Kamea, coming out of Kotidanga Baptist Church. They were the first to move onto the mission grounds and have been “praying in” the rest of their classmates. Lynne’s sister, Luti, has come as the helper and babysitter for their 4 year old son Japheth. Lynne is expecting in March, so please be praying for a safe and uncomplicated delivery. The newborn will be part of the morning classes for a while! 

Our other students are from a Baimuru village called Koravaki. This village is only about an hour away by dinghy. We have never had students from this village before. The pastor has had some moral failings, consequently the church and its testimony have been weak. We are thrilled with the opportunity to train some of the folks there, giving them a solid Biblical foundation.


Students Rau and Nola Ipira with their three children: Amaka (17), Annothy (9), Noel (5) and their child care helper, Melin. 


 Patrisa Saimon, a single female student who was not comfortable living alone, so this picture includes her grandmother who is living with her in student housing. I bet none of you took Grandma with you to Bible college! 

Mike Arua, a single young man saved in 2014 in response to a message on faith. He wrote this in his application testimony, “I am serving from that time up to now, and willing to serve Him anywhere He calls.” 

Pray for everyone to adjust to the dictates of time, structure, and rules! This is not a culture of accountability; consequently, the confronting ways we deal with problems are not “comfortable” to our students! All of our students during the past ten years have had to learn new, Biblical ways to deal with conflict. But that’s ok! When something needs straightened out in my own life, the Holy Spirit does not seem overly concerned with my feeling comfortable! He wants me to be “right” and in a position to be blessed! That is exactly what we want for our students! 2 Tim 2:24–26 seems to describe just what we we’re trying to accomplish, and the attitude we need – not striving, being gentle, patient, instructing in meekness “those that oppose themselves” – offering to people a new life; one they want, while at the same time making decisions and having responses that work against their being successful in the “new life!” I want their repeated exposure to the Truth to bring them to repentance – then God can empower them to free themselves from the devil’s snares! 

Our desire is to see them victoriously through three years of training. We would like each one to become a faithful, fruitful worker for God among their people. Your prayers and support increase the chances of this coming to fruition! We are so thankful for the part you all have in this ministry! 

Wil & Trina

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We thank you for your prayers and support toward reaching the people of Papua New Guinea with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.